Avocet 3.9% abv

Devon’s original organic real ale. Since its creation in 2008, this ale has been a favourite from the start. Made with three varieties of organic hop, it has a refreshing slightly citrus taste.



Exports to France by sail. We now export our bottled Avocet to France. This is a joint venture with TOWT/Fairtransport, who are leading the way with sustainable transport, moving goods around the world solely by wind power. Our first shipment left Brixham harbour in October 2009 aboard the 150 foot square rigger, the Tres Hombres. Since then there have been other shipments from Brixham, Plymouth and Falmouth. This year we have made four large shipments, and sales continue to grow. Avocet ale is now available in cafes and shops from Brittany to Paris. We have used a number of sailing vessels, the most recent being the Lugger Grayhound, out of Falmouth. This was featured in a recent Sunday Times, following the Grayhound as she picked up a shipment of Avocet from Brixham harbour.


Style: Organic Real Ale

Tasting Notes: With it's pale blonde colour this is a modern-style distinctly flavoured ale.

Awards: Overall Bronze winner at Worcester CAMRA ale festival 2011