Brewery News

Brewery relocation.

As some may know, we have moved our brewery to a fantastic new site in the City making us the first city-based brewery since Heavitree Brewery ceased production over forty years ago. Our site on Cowley Bridge Road gives us much needed extra space, room for expansion, and the opportunity to welcome visitors, see below.


We are starting a quarterly newsletter, to be sent out every quarter. If you would like to be included please use our enquiry form.

Brewery Tours

It's taking a bit longer than expected but much of the work on the brewery is now complete so we will be starting Brewery Tours very soon. Hopefully at the end of September. By then we should have opened our...

Tap Room (bar) 

We are in the process of building a tap room, where weary (or just thirsty) visitors to the Brewery will be able to sit down and sample our wares

Much more news on all the above will follow, but we wanted to let our friends and followers know we have not been idle!